Why Bleesk

We are not just another app builder or SDK that you buy and end up frustrated with. We have a ready to use app for you, tested and proven by hundreds of companies. And it takes only a few days to add your custom branding and submit it to the Apple and Google stores.

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Online app builders, SDK only solutions and custom app development are broken

Disadvantages of using online app builders

In reality what you get is a slow mobile website without the functionality you paid for.


No app, just a slow website

No mobile app is created using an online creator. What you get is a mobile website that only looks like an app but it is slow and does not deliver much functionality.


Low performance disliked by users

Mobile apps on iOS and Android are fast and seamless because they are installed on the device, the app created in a builder is not, it has to connect with a server to load a page which takes time and users often end up uninstalling it because they are frustrated with low performance.


Limited functionality, multiple bugs

"Apps" created using app builders can't use mobile device's advanced features like geofencing, push notifications, indoor location or customer profiling.

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Disadvantages of using SDK only solutions

SDK is only for well trained developers, if you do not have a team of highly experienced developers forget about using one.



Using mobile SDK makes more sense than using an app builder but it is far more expensive when you add a budget for a skilled developer who has to build an app using it.


Technically Complicated

Using SDK requires at least one experienced developer. SDK is not something one can simply use to quickly and easily created a mobile app from.


Time consuming

Using SDK speeds up app development but still requires a lot of time to build an app on top of it. It may take anywhere from 1 month to a year.


Disadvantages of using custom app development services


Very expensive

The obvious disadvantage of custom app development is high upfront cost. The use of cutting-edge technologies requires a team of experienced developers, designers, managers, QA engineers resulting in very high costs.


Rarely on time, if delivered at all

Your time and money are spent quickly. Without experience in software development, it won't be long when you realise that your budget is gone and the deadline won't be met.


Choosing the wrong developer

A lot of companies that look solid from the outside are a collection of inexperienced, low qualified people that deliver low-quality products at best.

Bleesk is different. Here is why

We develop ready to use custom branded iOS & Android apps and submit it to Appstore and Google Play for you.

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Key benefits

We build an app for iOS and Android with your branding. We take care of technology, development, app submission and new feature releases. All this in just 14 days.



From essential tools that help you acquire customers, to game-changing features that engage and retain customers.

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Your app can be easily customized with dynamic layouts and features. No expensive development, no Appstore update needed!

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Top Quality

Fast and powerful iOS & Android native mobile app experience.



Our apps are being used by hundreds of companies around the world everyday. They are proven in the real business scenarios and are constantly tested to ensure exceptional customer experience.

Who is it for?


Individual Business Owners

A mobile app is a new communication channel with your customers. Push notifications with new promotions and reward loyal customers with coupons. And that's just the begining.


Marketers & Agencies

We empower marketers to increase customer acquisition, conversion and retention with campaigns and personalized incentives delivered with a mobile app.


Medium & Large Companies

Optimize your sales by analyzing what people buy and how they move on the heatmap.

Get your own branded mobile app in the Appstore and Google Play in just 14 days.

  • Free consultation for your project.
  • Fast and powerful iOS & Android native mobile app experience.
  • Apps are customisable with dynamic layouts and features.
  • Proven by hundreds of companies around the world everyday.
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What our customers say

Proximity marketing requires to use Geofencing, Beacons, WiFi Campaigns and QR Codes all at once in order to be more efficient than digital marketing and cheaper than traditional marketing. Only Bleesk offers a product with all required features and reasonable pricing.

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Francine Borges

COO - B2L Group

Bleesk has the most comprehensive feature list on the market. Their platform takes on complex features while being simple for new users and effective for advanced users. Their customer service team is A+. I cannot overstate how lucky and happy we have been in working with Bleesk.

Dave Naidu Photo

Dave Naidu

CEO - Opis Inc.

We chose Bleesk as our platform for the features, simple configuration and ease of use. In addition to being a great choice for the release of new proximity campaigns, the updates made on the platform always bring better functions and news not seen in other similar solutions. We love using Bleesk!

Gustavo Silva Photo

Gustavo Silva

CEO - Oferta da Bo

Experience proximity marketing and expand your business today
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