White Label OEM
Proximity Platform

Offer proximity services to customers around the world under your brand.
Customise entire look & feel and choose features that work for you.
We completely rebrand Bleesk App, CMS & SDK. No coding skills required.
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Offer proximity services to your customers
No coding skills required.

Are you a marketing agency or a company that has customers who are looking for iBeacon & Eddystone proximity services? We completely rebrand the App, CMS & SDK in just a few days so that you can offer them under your brand. Customise name, copy, the entire look & feel or even language and create sub-accounts for your customers so they can log into dashboard to manage their campaigns.

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Become a Better Agency
with White Label OEM

Your own proximity platform is a great asset in your marketing toolset

Add a new source of revenue

Proximity campaigns through beacons, geofencing and QR codes are getting more popular every year. Now you can benefit from this trend by selling proximity services to your customers.

Improve value proposition of your advertising services

Are you a marketing agency that wants to become a market leader? Proximity platform is a must-have tool for your customers.

Increase customer satisfaction

Every agency customer is satisfied when his venue attracts more people and thus increases its profits. Proximity campaigns enable all that.

No coding skills required

Our platform does not require coding skills. We provide guidelines and knowledge center to help you get started.

Access your advertising services through a self-service campaign dashboard

Offer proximity services to your customers through a self-service CMS. No need for you to spend hours creating campaigns, unless you want to.

Offer SDK for custom developements

You can offer your own proximity SDK for customers who have their mobile apps ready or want to build one.

(iOS SDK | Android SDK)

White Label OEM Process
Step 1. Customise CMS

Change Logo & Colors

Send your company logo and branding
guidelines to match the look & feel.

Pick Domain

Send us the domain you want the CMS to be at, for example "mycms.com".

Create Sub-Accounts

Your customers can log into their dashboard to manage their campaigns.

Translate Texts

As an option you can translate entire CMS to a desired language.

Choose features that are available without the mobile app:

Eddystone Campaigns

Eddystone delivers proximity campaigns without an app, directly to iOS and Android devices and displays campaigns in the notification area.
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Digital Signage

Engage customers with personalised and contextual campaigns on any TV display based on user behavior. Doesn't require expensive hardware players.
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SDK Integration with
external App

Use our iOS and Android SDKs to add proximity to the app you already have or build a new one.

Step 2. Customise App

Don't have your own mobile app ready? No problem, just customise our Bleesk app to work for your customers.

Change Logo & Colors

Send your company logo and branding guidelines.

Change Icons, Animations,
User Preference Images

Customise entire look & feel of the app.

Translate Texts

As an option you can translate texts used
in the app to a desired language.

Pick features that you want your App to provide:

Proximity Module

Reach customers at the point of decision with real time, context-aware campaigns to strengthen relationship with them by providing content they seek.
Learn More

User Registration

Collect customer's name, e-mail address, age, gender and general preferences.
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Loyalty Coupons,
Stamps & Points

Returning customers spend 67% more than new ones so why not reward them for their loyalty and retain them? Reward customers with coupons for making a purchase, visiting a store or collecting a certain amount of points.
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QR Codes

QR codes are great way to reward your most valued customers with loyalty points, stamps and coupons.
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Step 3. Add More Features

Those features can be added to your platform anytime.

Personalized Offers
(user registration required)

Knowing personal information like customer's name is a powerful feature in the hands of marketer. Now it is possible to greet every single customer by their name when they are walking into a store.
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Digital Signage

Engage customers with personalised and contextual campaigns on any TV display based on user behavior. Trigger relevant campaigns in real time for a variety of industries like retail, hospitality, smart cities and more.
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Prime Offers

Prime Offers are immediately visible and accesible in the mobile app, user doesn't have to be in proximity of any spot. Prime campaigns are great for rewarding first time app users with a special offer for downloading the app. Thanks to prime campaigns the app delivers value immediately after installing it.
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Push & Mailing Messages
(regardless of the user location)

Send any type of campaign to customers' phones with a push notification or engage them with automated and one-off emails delivered to their inbox after they visit your venue.
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Physical Web Browser
(Eddystone-URL campaigns)

Create and deliver universal contextual campaigns for customers with or without an app. Customers receive, collect and share campaigns with Bleesk Physical Web Browser.


Re-engage customers that walk away of your venue with personal and automated campaigns delivered to their phone or inbox.
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Why Choose Bleesk

Testimonial Picture

We came upon Bleesk's white-labeled solution after evaluating several other companies offering similar solutions. Bleesk has the most comprehensive feature list available on the market with regular updates on features to keep up with advancements in the technology. Their platform takes on complex functions while being simple for new users and effective for advanced users. Their project management and customer service team is A+. I cannot overstate how lucky and happy we have been in working with Bleesk.

Dave Naidu
CEO - Opis Inc.

Testimonial Picture

Proximity marketing often requires to use Geofencing, Beacons, WiFi Campaigns and QR Codes all at once in order to be more efficient than digital marketing and cheaper than traditional marketing. Only Bleesk offers a product with all required features. and reasonable pricing.

Francine Borges
COO - B2L Group

Testimonial Picture

Bleesk is not only well designed but also easy to work with taking into account the number of features it offers. The level of support Bleesk team provides is amazing.

Yut Wanichanond
CEO - Biznessmoby

Testimonial Picture

We have requested assistance on several opportunities and received excellent response and support from Bleesk team. I have worked in the software field for over 30 years and can appreciate the extra effort the team does for our company.

Billy Hayes
CEO - Proxim8

Testimonial Picture

I was able set and deliver my first proximity campaign in 5 minutes - there is no other solution that is so easy to use and yet this powerful.

Pierre-Philippe Hauteclair
CEO - Eyeplay Inc.

Testimonial Picture

The beauty of Bleesk lies in its simplicity. Customers just need to download Bleesk app to receive the best local offers.

Wojtek Borowicz
Community Manager - Estimote


Get full access to Bleesk Platform and experience the potential of proximity marketing for your customers.

Proximity App & CMS
per month
  • All Bleesk Features Included
  • All Campaign Types
  • Unlimited Visitors
  • Easy Campaign
  • Analytics
  • Customer Support

Push & Prime Campaigns
Not Available In Demo
White Label OEM
App & CMS

Complete Proximity Platform
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  • All Bleesk Features Available
  • Branded iOS & Android Apps
  • Branded CMS
  • Sub-Accounts for Customers
  • Unlimited Visitors
  • Appstore & Google Play App Submission
  • 7-14 days Dev Time
  • Custom Features
  • Customer Support
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Custom Integrations
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  • All Bleesk Features Available
  • Native SDK Documentation
    (for iOS | for Android)
  • Branded SDK for iOS & Android
  • Integration with External Apps
  • Custom Features
  • Customer Support
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Frequently Asked Questions


Which features are included in Demo?

Demo consists of a fully functional Bleesk mobile App and CMS with all features included. Push & Prime Campaigns work with White Label OEM only and therefore are not available in Demo.

How long does it take to begin Demo?

Your account is ready soon after you and pay for your subscription.

How can I pay for Demo?

We use Paypal and we do accept wire transfers as well.

Can I use both App and CMS in Demo plan?


Can I use my own beacons?

Yes, all iBeacon and Eddystone beacons are supported.

Can I test Bleesk without beacons?

Yes, you can use WiFi, Geofence or QR codes campaigns instead.


How much does White Label cost?

The price depends on the number of spots and features you would like to use. Get started here.

How can I pay for White Label?

We use Paypal and we do accept wire transfers as well.

Can I pay only for features I want to use in my White Label? Can features be purchased later?

Yes, you decide which features work for your business. You can add new features later on.

Can my White Label App & CMS be translated to my native language?

Yes, you can customise all texts in the App & CMS.

Do I get regular updates to the App & CMS?

Bleesk App & CMS are updated on a daily basis, you decide when it is the right time to update your platform to the latest version.

Can I change a domain for my CMS?

Yes, you can change a domain name, CMS name, logo and branding.

Can I manage sub-accounts for my clients in the CMS?

Yes, as an owner & admin you can create, manage and oversee accounts for your clients.

Can I offer different priviliges to different types of clients?

Yes, you can create manager or regular type accounts so that users have different priviliges depending on their role in your business.


How much does Custom Iintegration cost?

The price depends on you would like to do. Please leave your contact deatils and describe your business case.

What does Branded SDK mean?

Branded SDK means that all references to our company are removed from the SDK, it includes only your brand name and you can offer it or resell it to other companies under your brand.

What is included in the SDK?

Please refer to our current SDK Documentation for more information: SDK for iOS | SDK for Android)

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