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Proximity Marketing With Your Brand

Get proximity app and admin panel to create proximity campaigns. Customise entire look & feel and choose features that work for you. Create and oversee customer accounts.

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White Label Platform
White Label Proximity App
White Label Rebranding

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Mobile App with Admin Panel (CMS)
and your branding

Are you a marketing agency or a company that has customers who are looking for proximity services? With our easy to use admin panel you can setup geofence and beacon ads with text, video and pictures and deliver them with a mobile app for your customers. We completely rebrand the App, CMS & SDK so it matches your brand. Customise name, copy, the entire look & feel or even language. Enable customers to manage campaigns on their own.

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Experience proximity marketing and expand your business today
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Why White Label?

Become A Better Agency

Your own proximity platform is a great asset in your marketing toolset


Add a new source of revenue

Proximity campaigns through beacons, geofencing and QR codes are getting more popular every year. Now you can benefit from this trend by selling proximity services to your customers.


Improve value proposition of your advertising services

Are you a marketing agency that wants to become a market leader? Proximity platform is a must-have tool for your customers.

Customer satisfaction

Increase customer satisfaction

Every agency customer is satisfied when his venue attracts more people and thus increases its profits. Proximity campaigns enable all that.


Access your advertising services through a self-service campaign dashboard

Offer proximity services to your customers through a self-service CMS. No need for you to spend hours creating campaigns, unless you want to.

User Friendly

No coding skills required

Our platform does not require coding skills. We provide guidelines and knowledge center to help you get started.

Proximity SDK

Offer SDK for custom developements

You can offer your own proximity SDK for customers who have their mobile apps ready or want to build one.
iOS SDK | Android SDK

Experience proximity marketing and expand your business today
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Proximity Platform

Rebranding is a simple 3-step process

  • 1.

    Proximity Platform

    Based on your requirements, our development team creates a customised CMS with your branding and at the domain you choose.

  • 2.

    Proximity APP

    After you send the logo for the app to match the look & feel of your brand, our team creates a customised app - we can change icons, animations, images or even texts in the app for you.

  • 3.

    Proximity FEATURES

    Choose features that you want your customers to have like Beacons, Geofence, Loyalty, Indoor Maps, Retargeting and more.

Rebranding Proces
Key benefits

We build an app for iOS and Android with your branding. We take care of technology, development, app submission and new feature releases. All this in just 14 days.



From essential tools that help you acquire customers, to game-changing features that engage and retain customers.

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Your app can be easily customized with dynamic layouts and features. No expensive development, no Appstore update needed!

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Top Quality

Fast and powerful iOS & Android native mobile app experience.

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Our apps are being used by hundreds of companies around the world everyday. They are proven in the real business scenarios and are constantly tested to ensure exceptional customer experience.

Why Bleesk?

Service we provide

Enhance your brand with easy-to-use powerful customization features

  • Dedicated Launch Expert

    We designate a person to guide you during the rebranding process and answer all questions that come up.

  • List of Required Assets

    We provide you a detailed list of assets required to proceed with the development.

  • Template Files

    If you decide for more custom approach our design team will send you UI template files for edit.

  • Free of Charge Testing

    After your platform is ready, you have 14 days to test it thoroughly and provide us your feedback or requests for change.

Proximity Experts

with a complete toolset to reach your customers


Deliver proximity campaigns with beacons. Our platform is compatible with all iBeacon & Eddystone devices.

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Deliver proximity campaigns using WiFi routers.

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Send notification with proximity campaign to people that entered a defined geographic area.

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Loyalty & Survey

Reward loyal customers with coupons for making a purchase or visiting a venue. Collect data on customer satisfaction.

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Engage customers by sending Push Notification to their phone regardless of their location.

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QR Codes

Create QR code campaigns with special offers. For people who do not have an app, create QR code campaign with any URL address.

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NFC enables brands, advertisers and retailers to deliver proximity campaigns without an app on customer's phone.

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Eddystone URL

Create, deliver and analyse Physical Web campaigns.

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Indoor Location

Help customers see where offers are located on a map. Navigate them to a venue or show them their location indoors.

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Re-engage customers that walk away with personalised campaigns. Facebook Pixel and Google Ads compatible.

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Digital Signage

Engage customers with personalised and contextual campaigns on any TV display based on customer behavior.

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Customer Profiling

Increase conversion by sending campaigns to selected customers. Collect their name, e-mail, age, gender and preference.

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and much more...

Experience proximity marketing and expand your business today
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Frequently asked questions

Can my customers manage campaigns and beacons on their own?

Yes, your customers can get access to their dashboard and manage campaigns and beacons on their own. You do not have to spend time managing customers beacons. As an admin you can create unlimited number of customer accounts so they can manage their own proximity campaigns.

Do I get regular updates to the App & CMS?

Bleesk App & CMS are updated on a daily basis, you decide when it is the right time to update your platform to the latest version.

Can I change a domain for my CMS?

Yes, you can change a domain name, CMS name, logo and branding.

Can I manage sub-accounts for my clients in the CMS?

Yes, as an owner & admin you can create, manage and oversee accounts for your clients.

Do you offer discounts?

Yes, we offer 50% discount for customers who want to sign up for yearly plan.

Can I offer different priviliges to different types of clients?

Yes, you can create manager or regular type accounts so that users have different priviliges depending on their role in your business.

How does your pricing work?

Our pricing is based on the number of features you choose to use. We charge on a monthly basis and you can turn on/off features along the way.

Can I get my App & CMS translated to a different language?

Yes, you can customise all texts in the App & CMS.