Viral campaigns thanks to social sharing

Delivering a campaign is a great first step. Next one is making the campaign viral and reach milions of people. With Bleesk social sharing you and your customers can share the campaign on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest or Gmail and make it viral.

Social Sharing

Social media is a great equalizer because any company can get recognized thanks to viral campaigns, regardless of their brand awareness or marketing budget. This is the goal for every marketer. Some may say that all it takes to "go viral" is a good idea, great product and an engaging proximity campaign. It is a bit more complicated and it’s almost impossible to predict what campaigns will go viral, and which ones will not. That said, there are good practises you follow to increase your chances of having your campaign go viral. If you are striving to build a viral proximity campaign, here’s how you can give your campaign the best shot.

Make the campaign visually attractive

The things that go viral are the things that are visually appealing. Adding video or images to your campaign is one of the first things you need to do to build a viral marketing campaign and Bleesk enables all that thanks to easy to use campaign templates. Even if the majority of your message is text-based, find a compelling image or create a compelling video to go along with it. Make sure that your campaign visuals are humorous, informative or surprising.

Keep it simple

Your campaign needs to be simple and have a clear message. People are used to short messages that can be easily comprehended. If people won't understand your message they will not share it on social media. A short video, a simple photo or a concise text are most likely to be shared. Additional information can be hidden behind a call to action button.

Plan your copy

You may think that viral campaigns happen by accident but most of them are carefully planned. Ensure that your copy is easy to read and understand for your customers.

Focus on emotions

Viral campaigns always trigger emotions. They are often humorous, silly, but they can also be sentimental. As you plan the campaign, make sure there is an emotional touch. Informative campaigns can also go viral but they have to trigger emotions. Focus on people's hopes, dreams or sense of humor, and your campaign will be far more likely to go viral.

Know your customers

Before launching a campaign you should do proper research about your audience - Bleesk gives you essential information about all your app users as it collects customers' name, e-mail address, and social profile. You also get information about personal characteristics like age, gender and product categories they are interested in. Once you study carefully your customers, it will be far more easier to prepare an effective and engaging campaign. You must know your audience and its triggers for success.

Customer Data

Last but not least, share campaigns through your social networks

Bleesk makes it easy to share your campaigns across social networks with one click in your campaign dashboard. Connect Bleesk to your Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest accounts to post your campaigns on those networks.

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