Re-engage customers that walk away with personal and automated campaigns.
Compatible with beacons, Wi-Fi, QR codes and Geofencing.
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Features & Benefits

Everything you need to re-engage your customers.

In-App Messages

Send any type of campaign to customers after they visited your venue.

Email Messages

Engage customers with automated and one-off emails.

Campaign Scheduling

Schedule time when your retargeting campaign should be delivered.

Audience Targeting

Segment your customers based on their age, gender and interests. Schedule time when your campaigns should be delivered.

Campaign Stats and Analytics

See views and measure if people take specific action in your venue.

Premium Integrations

Connect Bleesk with external services and products your business uses on a daily basis.

All Bleesk benefits included

Check out all benefits that come with a complete Bleesk platform. It all comes together with Retargeting as well.

How does retargeting work?

The shopping journey doesn’t always end with a store visit, so why should your marketing efforts? Bleesk's Retargeting allows retail marketers to take advantage of in-store location signals to personalize post store visit marketing efforts. Whether you want to stimulate return visits to the store or increase loyalty through online engagement, Bleesk makes it easy to tailor your online messages based on in-store behaviors.

Retargeting example

Retargeting methods

You can retarget rich-media campaigns through In-app Notification or E-mail sent to your customer's inbox.

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