What is Proximity Marketing? How much does it cost? What every marketer should know.

Proximity marketing has gained popularity since Apple launched iBeacon in 2013. You may have heard that proximity marketing is all about reaching customer at the right time and at the right place with the right message. That is only a part of the equation.

  • What is proximity marketing?
  • Types of proximity marketing
  • How much does proximity marketing cost?
  • How companies use proximity marketing?
  • Can proximity marketing work without app?
  • How to get started with proximity marketing?

What is proximity marketing?

Proximity marketing goal is to deliver messages to people based on their precise location. You have probably heard about companies using it to attract customers to a store when they are nearby. Proximity marketing is not only about marketing though. What is as much important is the data it enables to collect, so that you get to know the your customers, their behaviour and can act upon it.

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Types of proximity marketing

You can use several methods to implement proximity marketing to your business. Each type has its pros and cons that we cover on pages dedicated to each:

The type of proximity you choose depends on what your end goal is. If you want to collect customer behaviour data then beacons will be a way to go. If you want to target customers outdoors geofencing makes sense. For loyalty a combination of beacons, qr codes, NFC and geofencing may give you best results (contact us if you are not sure which way to go).

How much does proximity marketing cost?

The total price of proximity marketing depends on so many factors that it is even hard to provide an estimate. For more information fill in this form and we will provide you estimate today. Here is the list of the most important variables that you should take into consideration:

  • Do you have an app?
  • What type of proximity marketing do you want to offer?
  • How accurate do you want it to be (how many beacons, WiFi routers, QR codes etc. you need to use)?
  • Do you want to retarget customers after they walk away?
  • Do you want to provide indoor location?
  • Do you want to collect data about your customers?

How companies use proximity marketing?

  • Sales - target customers with contextual offers, dicounts and other products they are close by.
  • Retargeting - send promotions to people that walked away from a shop without buying anything.
  • Loyalty - send loyalty coupons to customers for making a purchase.
  • Customer Behavior - learn how often customers visit certain locations, how they move, and how much time they spend to adjust offer and increase sales.
  • Indoor Navigation - guide customers through a shopping center, stadiums, airports or even cities.
  • Treasure Hunts - companies are using beacons and QR Codes to create treasure hunts and gamify the visitors experience (it is especially popular during special events).

Can proximity marketing work without app?

Certain use cases for proximity marketing can work without a mobile app. If you are planning to use QR Codes or NFC Tags then you do not need a special mobile app for it.

How to get started with proximity marketing?

Contact us and we will help you get started.