Why Nearby Map is essential to increase foot traffic?

Finding interesting offers is always a challange for customers, especially if they don't know where to look for them. With Nearby Map your customers see where Venues with interesting offers are located on a map and what is more it navigates them there.

Nearby Map

Nearby Map enables customers to save time by locating your businesses and offers on a map. Exploring local neighborhoods to find a place eat, drink and shop has never been easier. Customers can navigate there in real-time with traffic and transit info thanks to Google Maps.
Nearby Maps helps to:

  • Promote new restaurants, shops, places
  • Promote products and services
  • Get new loyal customers that would not find a place without a map
  • Increase sales
  • Navigate to a place easily
  • Increase foot traffic with indoor location
  • Educate customers about special offers


If you haven't collected any offers yet, you can easily discover new interesting Venues on a map and see how many offers are waiting to be collected. Once you click on a Venue, the app will show you directions how to get there.

Nearby Map Directions

If you already collected several offers from a particular Venue, once you click on a Venue, it will display a list of collected offers in that particular location. You will be still able to get directions to the Venue by using a map icon in the header.

Nearby Map Offers