Loyalty Campaigns Guide

Learn how to create and manage loyalty campaigns in Bleesk

Creating a simple loyalty campaign

  1. Login to Bleesk Web Fleet (CMS).

  2. Go to "Loyalties" tab and click on "Create Loyalty Campaign” button.

  3. Set loyalty name (for your internal use and identification only), specify max number of points allowed and how long will the loyalty program be blocked after granting points (note that this is a global loyalty blocking time - different then a spot specific blocking time - see below).

    Simple loyalty campaign
  4. Hit the “Add” button.

  5. You can add deals now, but it's optional. You create deals in order to show to the customers that they have won a special price. See below for instructions.

Adding loyalty deals

  1. In loyalties tab - the list of your defined loyalty programs - click on "Add deal" at the row of specific loyalty.

    Loyalty Deal
  2. Specify the name of the deal (same for internal use only - eg. "Scouter prize"), how many points should customer collect in order to benefit and choose the content that should be displayed on the phone after customer collects all points - the "You have won" content.

    Adding Loyalty Deal

Assigning campaigns / beacons to a loyalty program

  1. Go to "Campaigns" tab, open existing campaign or create a new one.

  2. Click on "Add loyalty campaign" link in the "Loyalty" section.

    Assigning Loyalty Campaign
  3. Choose from available loyalties that you have defined, specify how many points should be granted when customer approaches the "trigger distance" of the campaign and how long should that spot be blocked before granting points again (the minimum are 2 seconds).

Using loyalty templates and displaying the number of collected points to customers

You can display loyalty points status to customers, but you don't have to - it's up to you. In some use cases showing the points is not a good idea. For example if you would like to show to customers different offers (contents) when they arrive in your store for the first time and different to those that are frequent visitors and often buy things. In this scenario you probably don't want to show to them about any points they are collecting - just show them the contents. It's easily done with creation of loyalty deals for each point they collect and setting a proper blocking time, to give users max 1 point per day. The possibilities are huge and limited only by your imagination. If you create a "deal hunt" game or have a loyalty program like "Get 5th coffee for free" you probably want to let customers know how many points they already have.

Loyalty Points

How to create a loyalty points content

  1. Go to "Contents" tab and add new content, let’s name it “Loyalty Points”.

  2. In "Look & feel" section choose "Loyalties" and select proper template.

    Loyalty Points Contents
  3. Specify rest of the UI and hit "Save".

  4. Now, in your campaign settings - select the content that you have just created as the one to display for the campaign.

    (Note: If you specify in Loyalty settings of your campaign that the campaign should grant "0" points - the content will act as a "checkpoint beacon". See below for details.)

  5. You can also set your just created content as the "loyalty deal" content - displayed when a customer has collected winning amount of points.

Monitoring loyalty stats (leaderboard) and verifying users points status

  1. Go to "Loyalties" tab.

  2. Click on "Stats" button for your loyalty.

  3. Here you see the list of participants, identified by the "Verification code", number of points collected and the timestamp when it happened. The "verification code" is displayed in "loyalty content template" (the one content template that shows points to customers - read more above). This code is specially handful when determining a winner of some contest, like a "deal hunt" game.

    Loyalty Statistics

Checkpoint beacons

Sometimes you would like to show to your customers number of points they have collected in some loyalty program, without granting any new points to them.

For this purpose a "checkpoint beacon" comes in handy. It's a normal beacon with assigned campaign to it and a loyalty program. In campaign loyalty settings (Edit campaign view), set "0" in "Add points" field and as a content use templates from the "Loyalties" section of "Look & feel".

For any questions and help, please contact our support at support@bleesk.com.

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