Why indoor & outdoor maps are important?

Finding and collecting interesting offers can be troublesome, especially if you don't know where to look for them. Nearby Map allows customers to see where offers are located on a map and navigates them there. This results in increased foot traffic and sales for venues.

Indoor & Outdoor Map

How Does Nearby Map Work?

Each venue with offers has its own physical address that can be added on a map in our CMS. Nearby Map enables customers to see venues on a map and a number of interesting offers to collect. Nearby Map uses location services to locate customers on a map and navigates them to a desired venue.

What Is The Difference Between Nearby Map And Indoor Location?

Nearby Map supports both outdoor and indoor maps. If a venue wants to display indoor map for their customers, Nearby Map will automatically show your location indoors. Moreover you can always switch between indoor and outdoor view.

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