Indoor Location & Positioning App Development

Upload custom Indoor Map to enable real-time Indoor Location for people in your venue. Deliver location based campaigns and learn from customers' behaviour with Indoor Analytics.

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How it works

Bleesk enables fast and reliable Indoor Location & Maps deployment.
It uses a combination of iBeacon technology to enable accurate Indoor Location.


1. Place Your Beacons

Place beacons in several places of your venue where you want Indoor Location to work.


2. Mark Locations

Mark locations on a digital map so that they are in sync with beacons.


3. Start Using The App

You're all set now. Open the Nearby Map in the app and see your approximate position.

Bleesk has the most comprehensive feature list on the market. Their platform takes on complex features while being simple for new users and effective for advanced users. Their customer service team is A+. I cannot overstate how lucky and happy we have been in working with Bleesk.

Dave Naidu

CEO - Opis Inc.
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Here are the top reasons to choose Indoor Location & Maps by Bleesk.


Generates Revenue

Indoor Location service increases sales and revenue by helping people identify their location and find their way to a desired location.


Cost Effective

Bleesk requires fewer devices to operate effectively. Beacons can be installed discreetly without having to access an external power supply.


Highly Accurate

Beacons and WiFi offer the highest accuracy of Indoor Location on the market (up to 2-3 meters) for both Apple and Google devices.



Our infrastructure is based on a world class security protocols to make sure that it is safe and reliable.


Real Time Data

Find out how many people pass a certain spot during the day or which hours are the least busy to improve store setup or services. The data is displayed in easy-to-understand dashboard with diagrams.


Works Offline

Bleesk provides location even if you loose Internet connection for a while.

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Indoor Location
Whatever you do, do it well. Do it so well that when people see you do it they will want to come back and see you do it again and they will want to bring others and show them how well you do what you do.


Each application has specific feature requirements when it comes to indoor location. We got it all covered.


Indoor Location

Help visitors locate themselves on an interactive map to find their way, find a Point of Interest or the closest Information desk on the mobile map.


Customer Analytics

Understand how customers are using venues and plan new services and amenities to meet their needs. Provide a superior customer experience by eliminating common frustrations and personalization.


Custom Indoor and Outdoor Maps

Upload any map for indoors or outdoors. Customers can pan & zoom for best experience. Maps support offline mode.


Multiple Floor Support

Enable easy Indoor Location in venues with multiple floors.


Beacon Infrastructure Management

Import your beacons straight from the cloud from the top beacon providers. Edit their position on the map or simply deactivate ones that are not used. Beacon infrastructure management is included as a standard.


Context-Based Messaging

Push personalized greetings to new customers that walk into a venue or send them interesting first-time offers. Provide value-added services such as Loyalty Programs, shop promotions and food specials for people in front of your shop.

Check out all benefits that come with Bleesk platform.

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Calibration Free Setup

No measurements. No calibrations. Upload your custom map, mark location of your beacons on a map and you are all set! No need to perform time consuming scanning of the whole space as compared with other systems.

Indoor Maps

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Indoor location use cases

Indoor Location systems and analytics are a must-have in shopping malls, airports, hospitals, expo centers or factories. Bleesk’s Indoor Location is available also as an SDK and can be integrated within days to any existing system.

  • Healthcare

    Reduce stress by providing predictability for visitors and employees. Reduce workload at information desks. Increase productivity by helping ensure patients arrive on time for their appointments. Locate staff and high value equipment.

  • Manufacturing

    Help asset finding and usage. Provide workers with interactive maps of large manufacturing facilities. Automate worker check-in and check-out.

  • Airports

    Provide Indoor Location and the visitor’s realtime location. Show fastest path to desired gate and display marketing offers along the way. Optimize passengers’ time and drive their spending. Identify queue times in critical areas to improve work flows.

  • Retail

    Increase sales by guiding customers to products. Measure shopper behavior and monitor in-store dwell times. Optimize product placement based on store traffic. Increase customer independence and store efficiency and reduce staff cost.

  • Education

    Help students find their location and campus amenities, such as restaurants and cafeterias, libraries, and parking lots. Provide personalized greetings when students enter and exit the facility. Provide students with updated class and schedule information. Enable users to access value-added services like restaurant menus. Integrate study aids and event invitations.

  • Hospitality

    Provide guests with maps of restaurants, spas, pools, gift shops, and more. Empower tradeshow visitors with schedules, keynotes, session directions, and booth locations. Enable visitors to bookmark the location of their cars for easy findability.

  • Museums

    Show visitors their location and all museum amenities and services on a map. Display digital content, such as information and videos on art, as visitors walk by. Enable visitors to purchase related retail items as they interact with artwork, such as framed prints, books, and jewelry.

  • Railways

    Show visitors their current location, show passengers points of interest and other shops and restaurants around them. Empower travelers with special needs to contact railway staff and request support based on their current position.

  • Office

    Find the fastest route to the correct meeting room. No more delays of meetings save 5 minutes per employee daily. Manage meeting rooms and increase efficiency via modern booking system. Share your location with colleagues and improve teamwork.

  • Events

    Empower tradeshow visitors with schedules, keynotes, session directions, and booth locations. Facilitate networking through location sharing. Save time at check-in procedures.

Loyal Cusomers

Indoor Analytics

Gain comprehensive knowledge of your customers' interactions throughout the venue, learn about most frequent locations, time per visit and see their walking paths.

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