Maps & Indoor Location

Learn how to add and manage custom map layouts for indoor location.

Introduction to Maps & Indoor Location

Finding interesting offers can be troublesome, especially if you don't know where to look for them. With Maps your customers see where offers are located on a map, can easily navigate to a venue and are able to find their location indoors if needed.

Nearby Map (Outdoor)

Finding and collecting interesting offers can be troublesome, especially if you don't know where to look for them. Nearby Map allows customers to see where offers are located on a map. What is more, Nearby Map has navigation feature built in so it can help navigate your customers to their point of interest. It results in increased foot traffic and sales for venues.


  1. If you haven't collected any offers yet, you can easily discover new interesting Venues on a map and see how many offers are waiting to be collected. Once you click on a Venue, the app will show you directions how to get there.

    Nearby Map Directions
  2. If you already collected several offers from a particular Venue, once you click on a Venue, it will display a list of collected offers in that particular location. You will be still able to get directions to the Venue by using a map icon in the header.

    Nearby Map Offers

Frequently Asked Questions:

  • Does Nearby Map show location of beacons?
    No, beacons do not have a physical address therefore Nearby Map shows physical location of a Venue where your spots are located (beacons, WiFi or QR codes). Nearby Map also shows the location and size of your geofence spots.
  • Can users see offers from anywhere in the world?
    Map shows offers within 500 km (310 miles) radius from the point where user is located.

Adding Venues

Go to Venues section and click Add Venue:

  1. Manager Account allows you to choose an account of yours where you would like to add a venue to.
  2. Then pick a Name for this venue.
  3. PIN Code (optional) you can type in a 4-digit code that grants loyalty points to customers (this feature helps to increase security and grant points only by personell that knows the secret PIN code).

  4. Decide wheather this Venue should be a Prime Venue. Prime Venues are immediately visible in the mobile app, so users do not need to be in proximity or download anything. Adding venue form
  5. You can also upload a Logo Image for this venue. Logo is displayed in the mobile app both on the list of offers and on the map.
  6. Info Content allows you to select a content that will be showed if mobile app user clicks (i) info icon in the the mobile app. Info Content is great for adding additional information about a particular Venue like opening hours for example.
  7. In Show location mark you can enter venue's address which allows to list All Offers in the app sorted by the Venues City Name, as well as enables Navigate to Venue feature that shows the way on a map to this particular address.
  8. Use Logo Image enables you to display the logo of this Venue on a map instead of generic icon. Adding venue location
    Prime Venues in a mobile app

Nearby Map (Indoor Location)

Finding your way inside a large shopping mall is difficult. With Indoor Location feature our app enables to see in real-time your current position on a venue map. You can pan & zoom for best experience. It works in offline mode too.

Indoor Location

Frequently Asked Questions:

  • Does Indoor Map show where beacons are located?
    Indoor Map may show the location of beacons but in most cases it shows approximate location of the person inside the venue (learn more about locations here).
  • Does Indoor Map show location of the offers?
    For now the point on an indoor map only shows the approximate location of the person inside the venue.

Adding Indoor Location Map

With Maps you can upload custom map layout, mark locations and enable real-time Indoor Location for your customers so that they can easily find their way to a desired point. App uses a combination of iBeacon technology to enable accurate Indoor Location.

Minimal requirements for Indoor Location: at least 3 beacons per 10 m2 room.

  1. Go to Maps and click Add Map.
  2. Pick a name for your Map.
  3. For a multi-storey building you need to add Map for each floor. Please select the floor number (index) and define custom 4 character label that will be displayed with the index on a map.
  4. Upload Map Layout image (PNG or JPG). This image is going to be displayed in the user app.
  5. Type in the Address where map is located and adjust the position of the visible radius to cover and match the physical location of the map.
  6. Click Add Map and your first map has just been successfully added. The next step is to Mark Locations on the map.

Mark Locations

Location is a point you add on the uploaded map to highlight the user position as soon as the user gets in proximity of the beacon in this area. Location is directly related to a specific beacon, but Location's point on a digital map should not reflect the physical location of the beacon in most scenarios. For example, if you have a beacon located in Room A on a south wall, it is best to mark Location with a point in the center of the Room A on a digital map because indoor maps provide approximate user position only.

  1. Go to Maps and click Mark locations button next to your map.
  2. In the top left corner select a trigger (beacon) from the dropdown list and click Add button.
  3. Please notice a blue point in the top left corner of the map. Use this beacon to mark first location on a map (beacon on a digital map should not reflect the physical location of the beacon in most scenarios, if you have a beacon located in Room A on a south wall, it is best to mark its location in the center of the Room A on a map).
  4. Repeat this process if you want to use more beacons. You can use as many beacons as you want to increase the precision of indoor location.

Tips & Troubleshooting

What are the optimal beacon settings for Indoor Location?
We recommend to set your beacons to -16 dBm broadcasting power and at 300 ms advertising interval - this will enable a precision to about 3 meters (9.8 feet). You can also use Estimote Stickers for location triggering, the requirement is that they need to be set to iBeacon protocol (not Nearable) and each Sticker needs to have the same UUID (as a default each Sticker has a different UUID).