Proximity App

Learn about all features and settings available in Bleesk mobile app.

Introduction to Proximity App

Bleesk Proximity App provides real-time personalized experience for your customers. Bleesk uses beacons, QR codes, push notifications or WiFi to deliver any message anytime. Below you will find a description of every app feature available.

Proximity App

Welcome Content

Welcome Content is a special type of content that appears when a new user opens Bleesk mobile app for the first time. You can set it to greet new users and explain the benefits of proximity campaigns.

Welcome Content Example

To create Welcome Content all you need to do:
  1. Create a new content (learn how to create content).
  2. Go to Settings and choose the content you have just created from Welcome Content dropdown.

    Welcome Content
  3. Confirm changes by clicking Save and you are all set. From now on, every person who installs the app will be shown the content you created.

Please note: using Welcome Content that includes a Video or Loyalty is not recommended and can result in an application error.

Sign Up

Knowing your customers is crucial for every business to improve marketing strategy and increase sales. Bleesk enables to collect customers' personal data like name or e-mail address. You can decide which data you want customers to provide as well as make the signing up mandatory or optional.

Sign Up Screenshot


Nearby is a proximity radar that actively searches and displays offers that are nearby (please note that app actively searches for offers even if customer is not in Nearby screen). There are two types of offers customer can receive: (1) regular offer and (2) loyalty and they are saved for later use in All Offers or Points & Coupons respectively.

Nearby Scenarios:

  1. Once an offer is recognised it immediately appears on the screen. There are couple actions user is able to do:
    - Pin the offer - once a user pins the offer it is saved in his Pinned list, this enables to find favourite offers faster.
    - Share the offer - users can share regular offers with their friends through social media like Facebook, Twitter, Gmail and other.

    Nearby Offer Found Screenshot
  2. If there are no offers found, the app will display short information if there are no offers nearby.

    No Offers Found
  3. Each user can decide to turn on Do not disturb mode in the Settings to limit proximity scanning in the app (read more about app settings here). App will inform about this and user can turn off this mode anytime.

    Nearby Disabled

Nearby Map (Outdoor)

Finding and collecting interesting offers can be troublesome, especially if you don't know where to look for them. Nearby Map allows customers to see where offers are located on a map. What is more, Nearby Map has navigation feature built in so it can help navigate your customers to their point of interest. It results in increased foot traffic and sales for venues.


  1. If you haven't collected any offers yet, you can easily discover new interesting Venues on a map and see how many offers are waiting to be collected. Once you click on a Venue, the app will show you directions how to get there.

    Nearby Map Directions
  2. If you already collected several offers from a particular Venue, once you click on a Venue, it will display a list of collected offers in that particular location. You will be still able to get directions to the Venue by using a map icon in the header.

    Nearby Map Offers

Frequently Asked Questions:

  • Does Nearby Map show location of beacons?
    No, beacons do not have a physical address therefore Nearby Map shows physical location of a Venue where your spots are located (beacons, WiFi or QR codes). Nearby Map also shows the location and size of your geofence spots.
  • Can users see offers from anywhere in the world?
    Map shows offers within 500 km (310 miles) radius from the point where user is located.

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Nearby Map (Indoor Location)

Finding your way inside a large shopping mall is difficult. With Indoor Location feature our app enables to see in real-time your current position on a venue map. You can pan & zoom for best experience. It works in offline mode too.

Indoor Location

Frequently Asked Questions:

  • Does Indoor Map show where beacons are located?
    Indoor Map may show the location of beacons but in most cases it shows approximate location of the person inside the venue (learn more about locations here).
  • Does Indoor Map show location of the offers?
    For now the point on an indoor map only shows the approximate location of the person inside the venue.

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All Offers

All Offers as the name suggests is a list of all collected regular offers. All Offers do not include Loyalty Offers as they are a special type of offer, stored in a dedicated list called Points & Coupons.

Search box at the top of the list enables to filter offers by:

  • Push message
  • Location (Town/City)
  • Venue Name

List of offers is sorted by the time the offer has been received, the most recent offers are displayed at the top.
All Offers


Pinned is a list of all collected regular offers that have been pinned by a customer.

Search box at the top of the list enables to filter offers by:

  • Push message
  • Location (Town/City)
  • Venue Name

List of offers is sorted by the time the offer has been received, the most recent offers are displayed at the top.
Pinned Offers

Points & Coupons

Points & Coupons is a list of all Loyalty Offers like: Loyalty Stamps, Loyalty Points and Loyalty Coupons (read more about loyalty offers here) as well as Surveys that customers receive and take part in (read more about surveys here).

List of offers is sorted by the time the offer has been received, the most recent offers are displayed at the top.
Loyalty Offers
Survey Templates

Products, Transactions & In-app Payments

Bleesk enables to sell any product or service through the mobile app by using in-app payments. Transactions are processed by Stripe, a global payments platform that allows individuals and businesses to receive payments over the Internet (read more how to use Products and Transactions here).


Scan QR Code

Bleesk proximity app enables to scan QR codes that have been generated by a venue. They are just another way to deliver any campaign to your customer's phone. They work great as a way to reward your most valued customers with loyalty points, stamps and coupons. Here are all barcode standards supported: UPC_A, UPC_E, EAN_8, EAN_13.

Scan QR

QR codes can also be used to add products to your shopping cart (Products + Orders + Delivery module required learn more here).

Settings & Preferences

Bleesk proximity app offers a range of settings & preferences to tailor the user experience:

  1. Do not disturb mode - if turned on, app stops proximity scanning in the background and foreground.
  2. Offer categories - enable users to pick & choose the type of offers they want to receive and block the ones that do not match their interests.
    Settings categories
  3. User profile - user voluntarily can provide additional information like age and sex to enable even better matching of nearby offers.


People often want to learn something about the app they use or the company that delivered it to them. With Info sidebar link you can create a section that enables anyone to open a dedicated page with information curated by you. You can change it as often as you like without the need to update the app.

About Page

How to create Info sidebar link:
  1. Create a content.
  2. Go to Settings and under Application Specific Settings in Info Content choose created content.
  3. Confirm changes by clicking Save and you are all set. From now on, every user who will see a Info icon in the sidebar and after clicking on it, it will open the content you created.

Please note: you must have a Labeled Contents module turned on to use this feature.

Contact Exchange

Proximity marketing is also about establishing meaningful connections, especially during business events like trade fairs, conferences and meet-ups. Bleesk enables you to find people you want to connect with and exchange contact information with them when you are close to each other! Internet connection is not required - the exchange is done through Bluetooth.


How to deliver or receive contact information:
  1. Go to Settings > General and fill in information about yourself.
  2. Click on Contacts in Sidebar. You will see an empty list.
  3. Click on Broadcast icon in the app header to broadcast your contact information.
  4. People that are close and have Contacts open will receive request to add you to their list.