What is Eddystone? Do I need an app for Eddystone?

Engage your customers at a point of decision with or without an app with Eddystone-URL™. Let's answer most popular questions about Eddystone.

  • What is Eddystone?
  • How does Eddystone work?
  • Do I need an app for Eddystone?
  • What are the benefits?
  • What are the downfalls?
  • How can you get started with Eddystone?
Eddystone Notification

What is a Eddystone?

Eddystone is an open beacon protocol developed by Google that allows beacons to send radio signals with a webpage address (URL) to any mobile device. Bleesk enables you to easily create URL's with any type of content and call to action so that you can engage your customers. The goal is to merge the context of physical locations and objects with information that people are looking for without an app.

How does Eddystone work?

Most beacon devices nowadays support both Eddystone and iBeacon formats. The beacon broadcasts the Eddystone packet and it is then detected by Android or iOS device. Eddystone packet consists of:

  1. Eddystone-UID - similar to iBeacon’s UUID + Major + Minor identifiers.
  2. Eddystone-URL - short URL that can be opened in a mobile browser.
  3. Eddystone-TLM - telemetry information like battery level, sensor data, etc.

Do I need an app for Eddystone?

Since December 6th, 2018 Google stopped serving Nearby Notifications and therefore you need a dedicated mobile app to receive Eddystone-URL packets.

What are the benefits?

  • Eddystone-URL is the only packet that enables to send campaigns based on URL.
  • Eddystone-URL has great price / value factor.
  • It is easy to use and implement.

What are the downfalls?

Eddystone-URL requires a dedicated app to deliver URL's.

How can you get started with geofencing?

Simply contact us and we will help you get started.