Eddystone Platform

Bleesk is fully compatible with Eddystone™, a new beacon protocol released by Google. Bleesk native app (available on iOS and Android) recognises Eddystone signals and displays campaigns assigned to Eddystone beacons.You can also assign every campaign created in our platform to an Eddystone beacon.

Eddystone Notification

What is Eddystone™?

Eddystone is an open bluetooth protocol, that currently consists of three packets: Eddystone-URL for broadcasting URL addresses, Eddystone-UID for broadcasting beacon’s ID, and Eddystone-TLM for beacon telemetry.


What does broadcasting URLs mean? Eddystone beacons can send radio signals that consist of a webpage address (URL) to any mobile device. The goal is to bring the context of physical locations and objects to mobile devices without an app. The value of a URL is that it is a known part of the web, very flexible, and most importantly, decentralized. URLs allow anyone to play and no central server to be the bottleneck. This is one of the core principles of the web.


Beacons that support Eddystone also broadcast another packet called Eddystone-UID. It is similar to Apple iBeacon protocol and consists of a unique ID. So if you need to build a native experience like mobile museum guide or mobile payments, consider using this protocol.


The third packet of Eddystone protocol is called Eddystone-TLM. It consists of data about a beacon’s hardware, like battery level or sensor readings. Eddystone-TLM makes it easy to monitor your beacon’s status and parameters. You now don’t need to connect to a beacon to read it, which in a result saves a lot of battery.

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