Eddystone-URL & Physical Web

Engage your customers at a point of decision with or without an app with Eddystone-URL™.
Bleesk enables to create, deliver and analyse Physical Web campaigns on both iOS and Android devices.
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Features & Benefits

The world is chock-full of meaningless advertising, people do not pay attention to it.
Bleesk enables you to reach customers at the point of decision with real time, context-aware notifications to deliver content they seek.

Send Nearby Notifications

Send notification messages to any Android or iOS device to attract customers.

Create Multimedia
Eddystone-URL Campaigns

Engage customers with images, music, videos and call to actions like: Open URL, Call, Send Email, Open Map, Play Music, Play Video. Learn more

Measure Results
with Eddystone-URL Analytics

Learn about most viewed Eddystone-URL campaigns and adjust them to your customers needs. Learn more

White Label
& SDK Ready

Rebrand Bleesk Eddystone or use our SDK to build your own app.

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Secure Eddystone-URL Hosting

All Eddystone-URLs created in Bleesk are secured with SSL certificate and compliant with Physical Web requirements.

Compatible with Digital Signage

Engage customers with personalised and contextual campaigns on any TV display based on user behavior.

Compatible with Universal Links

Send Eddystone-URL links that open your app on a desired page or ask people whether they want to install it for better experience.

What is Eddystone / Physical Web?

Eddystone is an open bluetooth protocol that allows beacons to send radio signals with a webpage address (URL) to any mobile device.
Bleesk enables you to easily create URL's with any type of content and call to action so that you can engage your customers.
The Physical Web goal is to merge the context of physical locations and objects with information that people are looking for without an app.

Eddystone Platform

Eddystone-URL Analytics

Measure number of visits for a specific Eddystone-URL campaign.
Learn the preferences of your customers and adjust by analyzing the impact of each campaign,
to provide them with the most exciting and personalised offers.

Eddystone Analytics Screenshot

Multimedia Templates
for Eddystone-URL

Deliver rich-media proximity campaigns in minutes using our platform.
Add text, images, buttons, URL's, audio or video to the templates we prepared for you.

Campaigns with buttons


Increase conversion by adding call to action to your proximity campaign.

Restaurant Menu

Image + Description

Show restaurant's menu or today's special.

Sound Content


Add audio to your campaign. Works great for tours in museums.



Increase your customer's engagement by adding video to your campaigns.

Physical Web for your industry

Take advantage of Physical Web campaigns and take your business to the next level.

  • Digital Signage in Retail


    Deliver detailed product information or commercials for your customers. Enable comparing products to have a great shopping experience.

  • Digital Signage during Events

    Events & Conferences

    Deliver always up to date event schedule. Personalise the conference experience with engaging information about speakers and their presentations.

  • Digital Signage in Museums


    Change how people experience traditional museums, make exhibition interactive and engaging by delivering additional information about a painter while visitor is close.

  • Digital Signage in Hotels


    Increase the likelihood of upsell by suggesting personalised eye-catching campaigns for your guests.

  • Digital Signage in Banking


    Make banks services more appealing and engaging with carefully tailored messages in each department.

  • Digital Signage on Airports


    Travelers often get lost, enhance their travel experience by delivering flight information.

  • Digital Signage for Smart Cities

    Smart Cities

    Why not use Eddystone-URL to deliver important contextual information, maps, alerts to the people that walk by certain areas.

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