Collect Customer Data

Knowing your customers is crucial for every business to improve marketing strategy and increase sales. Bleesk enables to collect customers' name, e-mail address, and social profile. You also get information about personal characteristics like age, gender and product categories they are interested in.

Customer Profile Data

Making a personal connection with the customer is what marketing is all about. Every company dreams about campaigns that have the right message, to the right person, at the right time. The key to truly personalized campaigns — the thing that makes this one-to-one marketing possible — is customer data. With Bleesk retailers and marketers can finally learn about their customers and collect vastly more data on their behavior than ever before.

User Registration & Customer Profile

Every customer who uses Bleesk app needs to register by providing their Name and E-mail Address or use Facebook to sign up. This information is stored in the CMS according to privacy policy regulations. Customers are also requested to provide information about their age and sex, which gives them additional value of getting offers that are better targeted to their needs. What is more, this information allows to create various customer segments in Bleesk to which you deliver targeted offers which results in increased conversion.

Customer Sign Up Form
Customer Preferences Profile

Campaign Preferences

Customers who use Bleesk app also choose preferences regarding the campaign content they would like to be notified about. There are 6 campaign categories they can choose: Food & Drink, Shopping & Services, Sports & Entertainment, Health & Beauty, Events & Information and Real Estate. Thanks to this information you are able to adjust the campaign content to the needs of your customers, target your campaigns more efficiently and further increase engagement and conversion which leads to more sales.

Customer Preferences Categories

Personalized Campaigns

Knowing personal information like customer's name is a powerful feature in the hands of marketer. Imagine being able to greet every single customer by their name when they are walking into a store. Now this is possible! You can create campaigns that will use customer's name or e-mail address as a part of the content. Sending a welcome message to your customers is the first opportunity to set the tone of future communication and create a long relation.

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