Campaign Templates

You can deliver rich-media proximity campaigns in minutes using our iBeacon & Eddystone platform. Add text, images, buttons, audio, video or loyalty systems to the templates we prepared for you.

Campaign Templates

Customise look & feel with Content Templates

To deliver engaging campaigns to your customers you need to be able to customise its look & feel. Bleesk was the first on the market to introduce the concept of campaign templates. Creating beautifully designed content is a snap. We have created templates where you can add images, sounds, videos, custom copy, ‘call-to-action’ buttons and assign main colour that matches your unique brand. Simply choose your design template, drag and drop photos and enter your copy. By using new Bleesk content templates, you can create beautifully designed campaigns for your customers in minutes.

Campaign Templates

Increase conversion with Call To Action

You can now add up to two call to action buttons to each of your campaigns. Bleesk buttons open url, play video, call a phone, send email, play sound or open maps. You can use call to actions also for helping people like a Facebook page or share campaign with their friends. This creates amazing opportunity to create even more compelling campaigns for customers that go far beyond a beacon.

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