Beacons for Events and Conferences

Beacon technology provides valuable information about attendee behavior, headcount, preferences and floor plan analytics. It reduces printing costs and helps to network attendees as well as promote event through social media integration.

Mobile app during event

Events, conferences or trade shows don’t have to be dull and boring. They are great place to take advantage of beacon apps to enrich visitors' experience, make your event more memorable and fun! Measured results show that more than 80% of attendees who receive a push notification, click on it and see the message.

Here are several inspiring examples that show how event planners use Bleesk and other beacon apps during events and conferences to take advantage of this exciting technology:

Increase engagement with personalisation & gamification

Event organizers want to stay ahead of the competition and prepare the best possible experience for their attendees as well as exhibitors so that they come back year after year. Thanks to ibeacon and eddystone apps they can now personally greet every attendee with their name and offer them a welcoming gifts as soon as they enter the event to provide a more personal experience.

What is more, event organisers can now also stimulate attendees to get to know exhibitors by offering rewards for checking in at their stands thanks to the use of loyalty campaign features.

Beacon app in Museum
Beacon app game

Simplified networking with seamless business contact exchange

One of the top reasons people attend any event is networking. Providing great care, information or rewards will not make your event a success unless you make it easy for people to network with each other. Thanks to beacons, networking and business contact exchange can be both seamlessly engaging and environmentally friendly. Each exhibitor’s stand equipped with a beacon can now exchange contact details with a visitor who approaches the stand. All new contact information can be quickly accessed during or after the event as it is safely stored in the app and ready to be used. The largest tech conference in Central Europe took advantage of this great new opportunity and observed that 60% of app users exchanged their contacts with at least 5 other visitors and visited all premium exhibitors’ stands. How great is that?

Increase efficiency by reducing printing by 45%

Another great beacon app example comes from a well known TedX conference. TedX organizers wanted to reduce environmental footprint any conference produces by cutting the costs related to printed materials. Thanks to a beacon app, every visitor seamlessly accessed information about startups and tech companies that presented during the conference. While walking visitors received notifications on their mobile so companies did not have to help themselves with printed materials like leaflets and brochures as every information was seamlessly available on a visitor's phone.

Provide real-time data

Planning a large conference or festival isn’t always easy. One of the issues that every event organiser faces is always changing agenda or line-up or schedule after all printed materials are prepared and communication is sent out to attendees. Beacon apps help eliminate this burden by providing a context-aware, real-time and always up to date agenda in attendee's mobile app. If by any chance agenda in "Conference Room A" changes, event organiser can now inform only attendees who are waiting at the doors through a push campaign or beacon notification. How useful is that?

Indoor navigation

One of the main disadvantages of large events and conferences is that they are hard to navigate. Printed maps or signs are often not clear enough and they add up to complexity - in result people get lost often. Beacon apps help attendees to see where they are and direct them to their desired location by showing it on a dynamic map with directions. The app is able to triangulate visitors' location using hundreds of ibeacon devices spread out in the venue and shows the fastest route from point A to point B if you are in a hurry. Beacon app can also show the shortest route to restrooms, shops, cafes, and exits.

Real-time visitors' insights

Thanks to ibeacon and eddystone beacons, event organizers can easily gather information on the number of people attending an event or a trade show and view their profiles in real-time. This requires no action from the visitor's side. With access to real-time statistics, the app can even alert organizers about locations that are getting overcrowded.

Event orgnisers can draw insights to help achieve higher ROI and optimize their venue for future events because apps can now predict visitors' behavior with the power of big data analytics. They measure visits, most frequent locations, time per visit and much more. You can optimize your ROI also by analyzing what people buy during the event and by seeing how they move.

With apps like Bleesk, you can optimize ROI also by analyzing various customer segments like male vs female, their age, new vs returning. Learn the preferences of your visitors and adjust event layout to provide them with the most exciting and personalized offers. Bleesk visitor analytics dashboard allows to see volume and traffic patterns. See who's coming into your locations and where they travel within your venue. View engagement rates and evaluate performance based on changes made 
to your campaigns.

How can you get started?

Contact us and we will help you get started. iBeacon and Eddystone app by Bleesk delivers personalised experiences similar to those described above (available on iOS and Android). If your Event already has an app, you can easily add proximity features by using Bleesk SDK documentation.