Custom App Development

  • Customise App Layout To Match Your Customer Scenario
  • Change How The App Works With Dynamic Navigation
  • Customise Home Screen For Customers
  • No Expensive Development, No App Update!
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Customise your app the way you want it, when you want it.


Multiple App Layouts

Change app layout of your app depending on your customer business case.


Dynamic Navigation & Links

Customize app's navigation, features and links anytime.


Dynamic Home Screen

Create a custom home screen every user sees once they launch an app - you can even personalise it so that women and men see a different message.


Dynamic Categories

Each customer is different, learn about their preferences and create the offer categories that match their needs.

Different Layouts For Different Customers

Change app layout to match your customer business with one click.

Layout for Retail

Layout for Retail

Attract new customers and improve in-store experience. Deliver personalized and context relevant offers. Reward customers with coupons for purchases or visits. Retarget customers after they walk out.

Layout for Loyalty

Layout for Loyalty

Reward customers for their loyalty to retain them. Returning customers spend 67% more than new ones. Encourage them to keep shopping by offering loyalty stamps and rewards, redeemable coupons and discounts.

Layout for Events

Layout for Events

Encourage attendees to explore less popular areas of your trade show with scavenger hunt rewards. Enable easier networking and business contact exchange. Show your attendees where they are on a map in real time. Provide always up-to-date Event's Agenda.

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Dynamic Home Screen

Customize what customers see when they open the app.

Welcome and engage new customers

  • Promote new products or services
  • Reward customers with coupons for purchases or visits
  • Deliver personalized offers
  • and more...
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Jacket Campaign
Stamps Campaign

Dynamic Navigation, Links & Categories

Customize app's navigation, features and links anytime.

Create app that matches your customer

  • Change the bottom navigation
  • Customise offer categories names and images
  • Personalise custom links
  • and more...
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Dynamic Categories

What You Get

We empower marketers to enhance customer acquisition, conversion and retention with campaigns and personalized incentives delivered with a mobile app.

App in Appstore & Google Play

We create app and submit it to the Appstore and Google Play. Our advanced app management system enables you to change the app layout and features without the need to update it in the stores! No coding required. Ever.

Unlimited Campaigns

Use Beacons, Geofencing, WiFi, QR Codes or Push Notifications to deliver marketing messages to your customers.

Unlimited Subaccounts & Data

Provide access to your platform for marketers so they can create campaigns for their customers. Optimize your sales by analyzing what people buy and how they move.

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What customers say

Proximity marketing requires to use Geofencing, Beacons, WiFi Campaigns and QR Codes all at once in order to be more efficient than digital marketing and cheaper than traditional marketing. Only Bleesk offers a product with all required features and reasonable pricing.

Francine Borges Photo

Francine Borges

COO - B2L Group

Bleesk has the most comprehensive feature list on the market. Their platform takes on complex features while being simple for new users and effective for advanced users. Their customer service team is A+. I cannot overstate how lucky and happy we have been in working with Bleesk.

Dave Naidu Photo

Dave Naidu

CEO - Opis Inc.

We chose Bleesk as our platform for the features, simple configuration and ease of use. In addition to being a great choice for the release of new proximity campaigns, the updates made on the platform always bring better functions and news not seen in other similar solutions. We love using Bleesk!

Gustavo Silva Photo

Gustavo Silva

CEO - Oferta da Bo

Experience proximity marketing and expand your business today
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