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We develop ready to use custom branded proximity apps and submit it to Appstore and Google Play in just 14 days.

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One App, Multiple Use Cases

Create deeper and more valuable connections for SHOPPING, EVENTS, REAL ESTATE, SMART CITY and more.

Attract new customers and improve in-store experience

  • Deliver personalized and context relevant offers
  • Reward customers with coupons for purchases or visits
  • Retarget customers after they walk out
  • Attract new customers
  • and more...
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Push Campaign
Special Offer

Reward customers for their loyalty and retain them

Returning customers spend 67% more than new ones

  • LOYALTY STAMPS - Encourage your customers to keep shopping by offering loyalty stamps and rewards.
  • LOYALTY COUPONS - Increase your customers engagement by offering redeemable coupons, rewards and discounts.
  • LOYALTY POINTS - Encourage your customers to keep shopping by offering loyalty points and rewards.
More About White Label Loyalty App
Loyalty Stamps
Loyalty Coupons

Enhance attendees experience at Fairs, Trade Shows or Conferences

  • Encourage attendees to explore less popular areas of your trade show with scavenger hunt rewards
  • Enable easier networking and business contact exchange
  • Show your attendees where they are on a map in real time
  • Provide always up-to-date Event's Agenda
  • and more...
More About White Label Event App
Event App Agenda
Business Contact

Provide multimedia city guide, real-time tourist location, help visually impaired

  • Encourage tourists to explore certain areas of your city with scavenger hunt game
  • Help visually impaired people to explore cities
  • Help police or emergency personnel find a person in need.
  • Provide offline guide for tourists
  • and more...
Smart City App
Smart City App

Attract potential buyers when they drive close to a property you want to sell

  • Deliver property information to a customer's phone
  • Provide "Click to Call" button to make it easier to contact agent
  • Enable potential buyers to save most promising properties on their phone
  • and more...
Real Estate App
Real Estate Map

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White Label Beacon Platform

App, CMS & SDK with your branding

Are you a marketer or agency that has customers who are looking for proximity services? We deliver complete white label platform with a native iOS and Android mobile app and proven proximity technology so you can offer it to your customers.

No coding skills are required.

We build and maintain the apps, app content management system and platform for you. We take care of technology, development, app submission, updates & new features releases.

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White Label Platform
White Label Proximity App
White Label Rebranding

App Platform Built For You

From essential tools that help you acquire customers, to game-changing features that engage and retain customers, we’ve built the definitive platform for proximity marketing.

Complete Proximity Platform

All-In-One Platform

We are the only complete plug & play proximity platform on the market that provides App, CMS, SDK & API.


White Label App & CMS

Offer proximity under your brand. We customise entire look & feel. You manage customer accounts.

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Step-By-Step Tutorials

Step-By-Step Tutorials

Every feature is well documented with examples and step-by-step guidelines.

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Proximity Business

Pay For What You Use

Dynamically change your monthly charge, pay only for the features you use.

Our Pricing
We are not just another app builder or SDK that you buy and end up frustrated with.
  • Free consultation for your project.
  • Fast and powerful iOS & Android native mobile app experience.
  • Apps are customisable with dynamic layouts and features.
  • Proven by hundreds of companies around the world everyday.
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Do Even More With Proximity App

Whether you want to engage customers, collect data, or just send push notification, we’ve got you covered. Bleesk is the only all-in-one marketing toolset.


Deliver proximity campaigns with beacons. Our platform is compatible with all iBeacon & Eddystone devices.

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Deliver proximity campaigns using WiFi routers.

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Send notification with proximity campaign to people that entered a defined geographic area.

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Loyalty & Survey

Reward loyal customers with coupons for making a purchase or visiting a venue. Collect data on customer satisfaction.

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Engage customers by sending Push Notification to their phone regardless of their location.

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QR Codes

Create QR code campaigns with special offers. For people who do not have an app, create QR code campaign with any URL address.

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NFC enables brands, advertisers and retailers to deliver proximity campaigns without an app on customer's phone.

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Eddystone URL

Create, deliver and analyse Physical Web campaigns.

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Indoor Location

Help customers see where offers are located on a map. Navigate them to a venue or show them their location indoors.

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Re-engage customers that walk away with personalised campaigns. Facebook Pixel and Google Ads compatible.

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Digital Signage

Engage customers with personalised and contextual campaigns on any TV display based on customer behavior.

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Customer Profiling

Increase conversion by sending campaigns to selected customers. Collect their name, e-mail, age, gender and preference.

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and many more...

Experience proximity marketing and expand your business today
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Explore Heatmaps, Track Conversion & Customer Behaviour

Analyze key metrics to know the preferences of your visitors, adjust exposition to provide them with exciting and personalised offers.

Heatmap Analysis

Understand customer flow patterns, discover hot-spots and predict customer behaviour.

Conversion Tracking

Measure conversion, visits, most frequent locations, time per visit or even number of button clicks.

Customer Behaviour

Optimize your sales by analyzing what people buy, how they move and see the impact of your marketing campaigns.

Arrow Analytics Dashboard

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Increase Foot Traffic
with Indoor Location & Nearby Map

Finding interesting offers can be troublesome, especially if you don't know where to look for them. Allow customers to see where offers are located on a map, navigate them to a venue and enable them to find their location indoors.


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Learn More About Nearby Map
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Retarget Customers That Walk Away
with Facebook Pixel & Google Ads

The shopping journey doesn’t always end with a store visit, so why should your marketing efforts? Personalize post store visit marketing campaigns. Whether you want to stimulate return visit or increase loyalty through online engagement. We make it easy to tailor your campaign based on in-store behavior.

Retargeting How-to

Learn More About Retargeting
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Flexible Pricing

Pay for what you use

Describe in detail your requirements or particular business scenario and our team will suggest the optimal solution with an affordable price.

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All-In-One Plan

White Label Pricing
  • APP for iOS & Android
  • Beacons, Geofencing, WiFi
  • QR Codes & NFC
  • Push Notifications
  • Loyalty Program Module
  • Events & Survey Module
  • Indoor & Outdoor Maps
  • Unlimited Campaigns
  • Unlimited Accounts
  • White Label Integration
  • Customer Profiling & Targeting
  • Advanced Analytics
  • No coding required
  • 7-14 Day Delivery
  • Technical Support
  • Risk Free Money Back Guarantee

Custom Plan

Custom Pricing
  • All Features Available
  • Branded SDK for iOS & Android
  • Native SDK Documentation
  • Integration with External Apps
  • Custom Features
  • Technical Support

What our customers say

Proximity marketing requires to use Geofencing, Beacons, WiFi Campaigns and QR Codes all at once in order to be more efficient than digital marketing and cheaper than traditional marketing. Only Bleesk offers a product with all required features and reasonable pricing.

Francine Borges Photo

Francine Borges

COO - B2L Group

Bleesk has the most comprehensive feature list on the market. Their platform takes on complex features while being simple for new users and effective for advanced users. Their customer service team is A+. I cannot overstate how lucky and happy we have been in working with Bleesk.

Dave Naidu Photo

Dave Naidu

CEO - Opis Inc.

We chose Bleesk as our platform for the features, simple configuration and ease of use. In addition to being a great choice for the release of new proximity campaigns, the updates made on the platform always bring better functions and news not seen in other similar solutions. We love using Bleesk!

Gustavo Silva Photo

Gustavo Silva

CEO - Oferta da Bo

Experience proximity marketing and expand your business today
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