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Create proximity campaigns in minutes with Bleesk platform
and deliver them with ready-to-use Bleesk mobile app.
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Why choose Bleesk

The world is chock-full of meaningless advertising, people do not pay attention to it.
Bleesk enables retailers to reach customers at the point of decision with beacon real time,
context-aware information to strengthen relationship with them by providing content they seek.

Create Mobile
Proximity Campaigns

Create contents with videos, sounds and buttons in minutes using our online iBeacon & Eddystone proximity platform.

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Contextual Digital Signage

Engage customers with personalised and contextual campaigns on any TV display based on user behavior.

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Ready to Use
Mobile App

Don't have your own app? No problem. Bleesk mobile app is ready for you.
We are open for white label integration.

White Label Ready

Use our SDK to build your own app or use white labelled Bleesk.

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Communicate with your customers by sending Campaigns through push notification, regardless of their location.

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Send notification with Campaign to people that entered a defined geographic area.

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Audience Targeting
(age, gender, interests etc.)

Increase conversion by targeting people by their age, gender or interests.

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Schedule time when your contents should be delivered.

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Customer Analytics

Learn about your users’ behaviour, adjust your promotion to provide them personalised content.

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Customer Data

Collect customer's name, e-mail address, age, gender and general preferences.

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Manage Beacons
& WiFi Spots

Add beacons, WiFi spots to assign proximity campaigns to them. Bleesk proximity platform works with all iBeacon & Eddystone devices.

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Viral Social Sharing

Trigger viral campaigns and boost customer visits with social sharing.

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White Label - Your Own Proximity Platform

We completely rebrand both the App & CMS in just a few days so that you can offer it under your brand to your customers.
Our white-label approach allows to customise its name, copy and the entire look & feel.

White Label Screenshot

Contextual Digital Signage

Engage customers with personalised and contextual campaigns on any TV display based on user behavior.
Trigger relevant campaigns in real time for a variety of industries like retail, hospitality, smart cities and more.
Doesn't require expensive hardware players. Compatible with beacons, Wi-Fi, QR codes and Geofencing.

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Increase Sales with Loyalty Campaigns

Returning customers spend 67% more than new ones so why not reward them for their loyalty and retain them? Bleesk Loyalty Campaigns allow you to reward loyal customers with coupons for making a purchase, visiting a store or collecting a certain amount of points.

Loyalty Stamps

Loyalty Stamps

Encourage your customers to keep shopping by offering loyalty stamps and rewards.

Loyalty Coupons

Loyalty Coupons

Increase your customers engagement by offering redeemable coupons, rewards and discounts.

Loyalty Points

Loyalty Points

Encourage your customers to keep shopping by offering loyalty points and rewards.

Collect Data About Your Customers

Making a personal connection with the customer is what marketing is all about. Every company dreams about campaigns that have the right message, to the right person, at the right time. The key to truly personalised campaigns is customer data. Bleesk enables to collect customers' name, e-mail address, and social profile. You also get information about personal characteristics like age, gender and product categories they are interested in.

Customer Profile

Viral campaigns thanks to social sharing

Delivering a campaign is a great first step. Next one is making the campaign viral and reach milions of people. With Bleesk social sharing you and your customers can share the campaign on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest or Gmail and make it viral.

Viral Sharing

Create multimedia proximity campaigns

You can deliver rich-media proximity campaigns in minutes using our platform.
Add text, images, buttons, URL's, audio or video to the templates we prepared for you.

Campaigns with buttons


Increase conversion by adding call to action to your proximity campaign.

Restaurant Menu

Image + Description

Show restaurant's menu or today's special.

Sound Content


Add audio to your campaign. Works great for tours in museums.



Increase your customer's engagement by adding video to your campaigns.

Push Notification Campaigns

Push Notification Campaigns are a great way to stay in touch with your customers even if they are not in the range of your Beacons, WiFi or Geofence. You can send Push Notification Campaign to notify your customers about a new promotion or event even when they are not actively using the application. Notifications can be broadcasted to all customers or sent to a subset of users to give personalised information.

Push Notification Campaigns are available in White Label and Custom integrations.

Push Notification Campaign example

Geofence Campaigns

Geofence is a virtual boundary for a real-world geographic area. In Bleesk, Geofence is generated as a radius around a store or point location.
Customer receives a notification on his mobile device as soon as he enters the defined radius.

Geofence Example

Customer Analytics

Predict your customers' behaviour with the power of big data analytics. Measure visits, new visitors, most frequent locations, time per visit and much more. Optimize your sales by analyzing what people buy, how they move and see the impact of your marketing campaigns. Bleesk also provides you detailed information about characteristics of the people who visit (age, gender) and visualize their walking paths. Learn the preferences of your visitors and adjust exposition to provide them with the most exciting and personalised offers.

Analytics Screenshot

Manage beacons, WiFi and Geofence,
remotely assign campaigns to them

Add Beacons, WiFi and Geofence spots without even knowing their identification numbers.
Our beacon proximity platform works with all iBeacon & Eddystone devices.

Bleesk Fleet Screenshot

Bleesk Fleet - complete iBeacon & Eddystone platform

With Bleesk Fleet you can manage your Beacons, WiFi and Geofence spots to assign proximity campaigns to them. Fleet makes adding beacons very easy. You don't need to know any identification numbers like UUID, Major and Minor - just tap the beacon on the list on your phone to add it instantly to your fleet. Assigning campaigns to your beacons, WiFi and Geofence spots has never been so simple.

Deliver campaigns with QR Codes

QR codes are great way to reward your most valued customers with loyalty points, stamps and coupons.

QR Code

Deliver campaigns without an app

Eddystone beacons enable brands, advertisers and retailers to deliver proximity campaigns without an app.
They are broadcasted directly to iOS and Android devices and displayed in the notification area.

Eddystone Platform

Engage visitors at events

Events or conferences don’t have to be dull and boring, they are great place to take advantage of Bleesk to enrich visitors' experience, make your event more memorable and fun! Get in touch, we will prepare a branded app for your event in 4 days.

Welcome Screen

Greet visitors,
offer welcoming gifts

Make it easier for visitors to find their way around your event.

Conference Schedule

Provide extra info about exhibitors

Delivering images, videos and additional information.

Scavenger Hunt

Create a scavenger hunt

Incentivize visitors to go from one booth to booth.

Read why people love Bleesk

The beauty of Bleesk lies in its simplicity. Users just need to download Bleesk app to receive the best local offers.

Wojtek Borowicz - Estimote, USA

It's clear Bleesk not only has the right technology, but the team has the right attitude. Bleesk fulfils exactly what we have been looking for.

George, UK

I was able to add beacon, create interactive contents and start my ibeacon proximity campaign in 5 minutes - there is no other solution that works this fast!

Pierre-Philippe Hauteclair - Eyeplay Inc., Belgium

I was testing Bleesk along with some similar services. I am impressed by the simplicity of the interface.

Bassem, Saudi Arabia

The problem is not at all our technology, the problem is to create trust and awareness at the retailer level to embrace it. Easy setup and execution of content are absolutely key - we have that now with Bleesk.

Jan, Netherlands

I have been tracking Beacons and Bleesk application for some time. I am extremely intrigued and fascinated by the simplicity & usefulness of Bleesk

Rajeev, Australia

Simple Pricing

Individual offers for developers, companies or enterprise customers.

  • Beacons & WiFi support
  • Geofence Campaigns
  • Customer profile analytics
  • Unlimited unique visitors
  • All ad types
    including audio & video
  • Customer Support
  • Beacons & WiFi support
  • Geofence Campaigns
  • Push Notification Campaigns
  • Customer profile analytics
  • 4 days development time
  • iOS & Android branded apps
  • All ad types
    including audio & video
  • Customer Support
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SDK & Custom App
  • Beacons & WiFi support
  • Geofence Campaigns
  • Push Notification Campaigns
  • Customer profile analytics
  • iOS & Android SDK / Branded SDK
  • Integration with existing app
  • Custom app development
  • Custom features
  • Customer Support
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